The Definitive Bow Tie Style Guide Part 2 March 26 2014

by Tanya Huang


Congratulations! You've mastered your beginners bow tie skills. Now you are ready to inject some personality to your bow tie style, and exploring different shirts is where it all begins.


Have Fun with the Shirts

What makes a great shirt for your bow tie? It should be a great supporting character, making your bow tie even more stellar. It shouldn’t steal lines from your bow tie, the focal point of your look.


Versatile solid colours that match all skin tones are: slate gray, rich purple, deep blue, and pastels (baby blue, rose pink, lavender, lime green). Black is an excellent staple too.



Try matching your bow ties to striped, gingham, or plaid shirts. Bonus points if the colour of your bow tie picks up a colour in the pattern (matches or contrasts it)! Make sure that the shirt pattern is not so loud that it drowns out your bow tie. 


Stylized shirts

Add unique touches with quality stylized shirts. For example, ones with patterns on the inside of cuffs and collar, stylized buttons, or detailing on the body of the shirt.


Layer it!

Layer your look with a well-fitted blazer, sweater, or both. These pieces frame your bow tie and bring your entire look together. V-neck-shaped framing is especially effective.



Match or contrast your bow tie colours with accessories! Get creative: bracelets, shoe laces, socks, lapel flowers, suspenders, zippers, buttons, belts, watches, glasses, cufflinks, pocket squares, satchels, gloves, hats, and scarfs.


This covers the intermediate bow tie styling. Get ready to think outside the box in the next level!

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