The Definitive Bow Tie Style Guide Part 3 March 26 2014

by Tanya Huang

After mastering the beginners and intermediate training, you can now tie a bow tie while listening to podcasts. You look at the mirror when you tie your bow tie, not because you need to, but because you look damn good. (I'm really just speaking for myself here. I wear my designs often, and yes, women can look amazing in bow ties too!)
It's time for Advanced bow tie styling. This is where you create the unexpected and dress to be memorable.


Dare to Explore

You’ve mastered the rules, now it’s time to break them. Dare to try different styles and take some risks. You’ll be greatly rewarded as you reach maven status. Add a soft leather jacket to your crisp ensemble, add a little or a lot of colours, or mix textures. Creating the unexpected is key to a memorable style.


As you break rules and create your own style, get inspiration from style mavens such as Brad Goreski or fashion bloggers such as Adam Gallagher. Try different styles, improve upon your best, and add great supporting pieces over time. Let the compliments roll in but don’t let it get to your head (maybe just a little).


Role Model: Brad Goreski

Learn to add an element of surprise from fashion stylist and bow tie fanatic, Brad Goreski.



Role Model: Adam Gallagher

Take some colour-matching and silhouette tips from fashion blogger Adam Gallagher.


Bow ties are honestly one of the funnest accessories for men. You can make it formal and you can make it playful. It's the surprise factor in your outfit! 

You have now completed the Definitive Bow Tie Style Guide, you know there's nothing definitive about personal styles. Now I suddenly want to see photos of you rocking your bow ties! Tweet your pic at @knotheory, or tag us on Facebook.


Step out of your comfort zone at times, as you should with all areas in life!


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