5 Easy Styling Tips for Women: Look Hot in Bow Ties April 01 2014

by Tanya Huang

A woman wearing a bow tie is undeniably sexy. The look is regal preppiness mixed with flirty sass.

How to wear it well? Remember that to wear a masculine piece memorably, you counter it with a potent dose of femininity.

Here are 5 styling tips to maximize your bow tie look and seriously turn heads everywhere you go: 


1) Classic fabric, feminine cut

Wear an outfit made with classic fabric, but has a feminine cut. For example, a fitted white cotton blouse and a woollen houndstooth mini skirt. Fitted buttoned-up shirts, dresses, a-line, mini, and pencil skirts which end above the knees, shorts, and hipp-hugging pants are all complementary to your bow ties!

For prints and weaves of your outfit, you can go for solids, or classics such as polka dots, plaid, tartans such as the Burberry Check, twill, houndstooth, and pin-stripe. For an even more daring, lace and sheer fabrics are also amazing with bow ties!


2) Layers

Add a fitted blazer, vest, sweater, or even suspenders to frame the bow tie and create the layer effect. This piece can be more masculine, but it should create a feminine silhouette. 


3) Jewelry

Match your satin bow tie with elegant jewelry to create a stunning look! Try Chanel-style chunky necklaces, hoop earrings, or a couple bangle bracelets.


4) Foxy footwear

Balance masculinity of the bow tie with a pair of sexy heels, leggy boots, or ankle boots. For an adorable geek-chick look, try a pair of cute mary-janes.


5) Feminine hair-do

An Audrey Hepburn updo, a high pony tail, big romantic curls, or even a teased hot mess, will create unexpected effects on your bow tie outfit!


Now rock your look with confidence, and you are ready to rock the world! If you have created a gorgeous look wearing your bow tie, be sure to tweet at us @knotheory or tag us on Facebook!


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