James Bond's Black Bowties July 10 2014

by Tanya Huang



In the first James Bond movie, Dr. No from 1962, Sean Connery is wearing a batwing bow tie. Notice how he is matching this slim bow tie with a tuxedo that has a slim lapel, in this case a satin shawl collar lapel. Nicely done, Bond.


In 2012, 50 years later, Daniel Craig in Skyfall wore an almost identical look, with minor updates to the suit. I love the impeccable Tom Ford tailoring and the fact that James Bond's black suit is now a navy blue. Blue is the new black.


Daniel Craig in a bat wing bow tie in Skyfall


Here's Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies in 1999. Notice how he is wearing a butterfly winged bow tie with a wide peak lapel to match!

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in black butterfly bow tie.

The black butterfly bow tie appears in every James Bond film. Here is Roger Moore in Octopussy (1983) sporting a butterfly winged bow tie with a notched lapel:



When I think of James Bond, the image of a white dinner jacket and a black bow tie also comes to mind.

Here's Roger Moore in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) wearing a butterfly bow tie and a white raw silk dinner jacket. Yes, the extra large lapel balanced this extra large butterfly!


And here is Sean Connery, the Classic Bond in a classic ivory dinner jacket. Different suit fabrics, but same butterfly bow tie and lapel design. This jacket was a single button, whereas Roger Moore was wearing a double breasted six-button dinner jacket.

Sean Connery in classic ivory white dinner jacket and oversized butterfly bow tie 

As I went through James Bond films from the last five decades, I was surprised to discover that Daniel Craig was a first Bond to wear a diamond point bow tie!

Daniel Craig is the first James Bond to wear a diamond point bow tie!


Even the most timeless man is up for trying something new :)


I can certainly tell you the popularity for diamond point is increasing, because the most demanded bow tie at Knot Theory is this black and white one with a diamond treatment:

Black and White diamond point bow tie by Knot Theory. Machuca Photography (www.machucaphotography.com)


I have designed a full James Bond bow tie collection for Knot Theory, some with modern twists, such as black bow ties showing hints of gold..

Gold and Black bow tie by Knot Theory. Machuca Photography (www.machucaphotography.com)


or hints of red, or merlot purple...

Knot Theory self tie James Bond black and purple bow tie. Machuca Photography (www.machucaphotography.com)


And some are full-on classics. All black.

Knot Theory self tie James Bond black bow tie. Machuca Photography (www.machucaphotography.com)


I'm curious to know, for your next black tie event, would you go for the classic butterfly bow tie, the modern diamond point wing tips, or the batwing bow tie that is coming back strong?

Would you take it one step further and sport a black bow tie with a sliver of gold, or is it out of the question?

Let me know via comments! (Or pictures! ;))




Photo Credit: Machuca Photography (www.machucaphotography.com)

Location Credit: Pour House Vancouver (www.pourhousevancouver.com)