Diamonds are Forever: Make your bow tie diamond point September 19 2014

by Tanya Huang

New at Knot Theory: EVERY self-tie bow tie can be made into a diamond point bow tie! 

Diamond point bow ties have been getting a lot of love in recent years. Perhaps it's because James Bond finally starts to wear it! (Can't wait to see what Daniel Craig wears in Bond 24.) Or perhaps the asymmetric modern cut of the diamond tip has finally won the hearts of stylish men around the world.

When people see Knot Theory's diamond point bow ties for the first time, they think I'm some sort of genius for coming up with this design. Well, if you are observant, you'll notice that our diamond tips are indeed unique. They are more diamond-like instead of being just pointy. However, I didn't invent the diamond tipped bow tie, and here's the proof:

Abraham Lincoln in diamond point bow tie

Abraham Lincoln rocking the diamonds 150 years ago


So the diamond tip is definitely not a new wing type. Although Knot Theory's version is more up-right and less limp like how Mr. President rocked it a century and a half ago. 


Check out necktie and menswear guru Alex Krasny's youtube tutorial on how to tie a bow tie, using Knot Theory's black and white diamond point. This bow tie can be worn in six different ways, and is our most popular bow tie!


black and white diamond point bow tie

So if you see a butterfly bow tie that you'd like in diamond point, just let us know in the comment field at check-out. It may take us an extra day or two because right now it's a custom order, but you'll have it and you'll stand out, no doubt ;)


Check out what our Infinity bow ties look like in diamond form:

 Infinity bow ties in diamond form