We're launching a new Kickstarter bow tie project! September 08 2014

by Tanya Huang

Coming very soon to Kickstarter!

***UPDATE: We are now LIVE on Kickstarter!!! Check out the bow ties for this project! *****

I've been busy getting ready to launch our 4th project on Kickstarter.

We've had 3 successful projects on Kickstarter so far! It has something to do with the awesomeness of the Kickstarterers: creative, quirky, and gravitated towards new ideas. I love new ideas, and I love those who love new ideas.

So what's our big idea this time? We're launching a new collection of self-tie bow ties with matching doggie bow ties!

Bow ties for men and for dog - dapper duo

Above: Our models Madison and Oskar rocking polka dot bow ties. Dapper duo. (If I can name one person who can look amazing in yellow pants whilst squatting down no less, it's Madison.) 


Tested on Animals

If you've been following Knot Theory, you know we recently added dog bow ties to match to our current bow tie collections. Since we are a human bow tie design house, this was our pre-Kickstarter preparation to see if it's gonna fly. It was also for me to secretly collect cute photos of dogs in bow ties.

Confession: this product has been TESTED ON ANIMALS. The way we did this was we put dogs in our bow ties and see if they instantly got more Twitter followers.

We also tested them at Barking Babies, a super pawsh boutique in Yaletown Vancouver. The bow ties are definitely popular at this shop too. They even talked about us on TV!

Barking babies showcased our bow ties on CTV Morning Live!

Interchangeable bow tie and no children slaved

The high quality of our human bow ties are well established, but what about our dog bow ties? And what makes them special?

Well, for starters, there is no velcro, no glue, no child slavery. Each bow tie is lovingly handmade in Canada.

And since we are new to the dog universe, we tested these bow ties out to make sure they are sturdy and functional. 

There are two elastic bands on the back of each bow tie, so you can slip it onto any collar:

Back of the dog bow tie on a brown leather collar

Multiple bow ties can go on multiple dog collars, making them versatile and never boring! So if you have a beautiful pastel blue leather collar, you can match a gingham bow tie to it. Then for formal James Bond occasions, you can slip on a white satin bow tie to the same collar:

Slip these bow ties onto any dog collar

You may have noticed from the interchangeable necktie knots and the Infinity bow ties I invented, I love interchangeability. 


We make them classy

The elastic bands are designed to lie flat against the back of the bow tie, because, well, I believe it's details such as this that make them classier than other dog bow ties out there.


The back of Knotheory dog bow ties


This is not some Mickey Mouse bow tie for your pup! This is a bow tie that he'll put on to get all the ladies' swooning and be as smug as can be. Oh he'll know if you got him a clown bow tie. He'll know.

Don't buy clown bow ties for your pooch. His feelings will be hurt.


Photoshoot tales, behind the scene

In the next blog post I'll share some behind the scene stories of our photoshoot! Three models, three pups, six pup parents, two photographers, one makeup artist, one model agent, and one very stressed out designer. You'll find out how our 4-hour shoot turned into a 9-hour shoot, and all the fun we had!

For now, let me just leave you with this photo:



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