Colourful Collars Unleashed! Plus: Limited Edition Dog Bow Tie September 29 2014

by Tanya Huang

You can now get a Knot Theory doggie bow tie with a gorgeous collar, available in a rainbow of cheery colours! 

Slide a gingham Sweet Picnics bow tie onto a fire engine red collar, or a Tropical Holiday madras bow tie onto a royal blue collar. Your pup will be as smug as can be.

The collar and bow tie combo is just $39!  And you can get additional bow ties ($28) and collars ($11) to create even more combos of your own! This is a versatile and beautiful collection.

Also, we have a new dog bow tie for you! The Rabbit Chase is a limited edition bow tie, so act fast like a bunny! Scroll down to see some pics of Walle the labradoodle (labrador and poodle cross) rocking this bow tie :)

Colourful faux leather collars


Caramel tan collar:

Beautiful synthetic leather collar in caramel tan

Sweet Picnics bow tie on a Fire Engine Red collar:
Fire engine red collar with blue gingham bow tie!

Sweet Picnics bow tie on a Grassy Green collar:

Sweet Picnics Doggie Bow Tie with a grassy green collar! Perfect combo.

Here's handsome Walle in the Rabbit Chase bow tie!

(Walle chased lots of bunnies during this photoshoot! But nobunny was harmed! You can follow Walle on Instagram @walle_labradoodle)

Walle the labradoodle (labrador and poodle) modelling the rabbit bow tie!


Follow the white rabbits...and the blue ones! Get 'em before they are gone!
Follow the white rabbit bow tie with collar!