4 more days to get in on Knot Theory's bow tie project on Kickstarter! November 06 2014

by Tanya Huang

At Knot Theory, we believe it's time to reinvent the age-old classic bow tie.  So we created one you can wear over 40 different ways!  Infinity bow ties are reversible and have modular wings ... when combined with our other designs, you can create your own customized bow tie with UNLIMITED possibilities.


But we didn't stop there!  Now you can get your pup to match!  Each bow tie has a matching doggie version for your four-legged friend!  Just slide his over our designer collars and step ou in style TOGETHER!  Knot Theory bow ties are handmade by skilled tailors and make the perfect gift.


This project is only a success if we meet our funding goal! There are 4 days left to back this project and get the bow ties at more than 30% off - only during the project duration! So get these awesome bow ties today!