Chino the Chihuahua rockin' Tartan on the Rocks bow tie collar! November 09 2014

by Tanya Huang

We delivered more doggie bow ties to Barking Babies! They have been selling well at the store.


Jordan, who almost interned for Knot Theory two years ago, now works at Barking Babies! She is holding Chino, a rescued chihuahua. 


Chino is a super chill little dude, look at him rocking the "Tartan on the Rocks" bow tie like nobody's business. Oh and he has alopecia like me! 


If you want to get a Tartan on the Rocks for your pup (or for yourself, or for your man), check out our Kickstarter project!


It's ending in hours, so be sure to jump on the chance to get these bow ties at the best price possible, only during project duration!


(We've under marketed this project, so if by chance we don't meet the funding goal, don't worry, we'll still honour the prices for all backers!)


Here's more shots of him, as well the new bow ties at Barking Babies in Yaletown Vancouver!

Chino the Chihuahua in doggie bow tie

Stocking stuffers are extra popular this holiday! This bow tie oughta cut it!

Chin's eyes look like Christmas too...!