Memorable Custom Christmas Card Ideas! December 01 2014

by Kelly Johnson

Now that it’s December, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about creating your Christmas or holiday cards for your friends and family. A custom designed and personalized Christmas card or holiday card is always appreciated by friends and family, especially if they live in a different city than you and rarely get to see you!


Grant and Deb

Photo by the talented Grant & Deb


Now, you’re probably thinking of ways you can make your Christmas card unique, fun and cute. Well, we have the perfect solution! Put one of our doggie bow ties on your doggie, and have everyone in the photo wear a matching bow tie! Make your photo even cuter by having everyone in the photo wear color-coordinating outfits that match the bow ties. This is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face when they see your card, and make your card unique and adorable!


Knot Theory has some great bow ties that are Christmas colours and the perfect touch to your holiday card. Puppies optional, but they might give you a sad puppy face, so we recommend you include them!


Photo by the talented Machuca Photography


Many companies such as Snapfish or CardStore can make your custom holiday card for you, or you can make your own custom card with Photoshop! If you opt to design yours with Photoshop, print it out on photo paper so that your friends and family can show your card off on their fridge at home or their bulletin board at work.


Your holiday card could be a photo of your group of friends, or a photo of you and your family, or one of each! Use these cards to send a Christmas greeting or use them as an invitation to a holiday party you’re throwing! Here are some great holiday card ideas:


“Family Christmas Portrait”

Create a festive photoshoot with the whole family wearing red bow ties and coordinating holiday outfits such as red dresses for the women and a suit with red accents for the men. Doggies can wear the matching red bow ties.


"Solo Cutie"

Sometimes it just takes one star to make an irresistible card.


Photo by the talented Machuca Photography

"Winter Wonderland"

Construct a "Winter Wonderland" with everyone wearing all white with white bow ties. Choose a snowflake card theme!


"Friends Holiday Party"


Include friends in a holiday card or holiday party invitation - have everyone in the photo wear black and gold bow ties! Don’t just stand and pose, have everyone jump or look at each other and laugh in the photo to make your photo extra fun!


Photo courtesy of Dream Homes co-host Peter Verge 


A picture is worth a thousand words, and a custom holiday photo like this is 1000 times better than simply saying “Merry Christmas!” Get creative with your holiday cards this year and add Knot Theory’s unique touch to create an amazing and memorable photo!


We created these holiday cards with Snapfish. There are many options online to create amazing cards with, so get your photos ready and send out some memorable cards this Christmas!