5 Ways to Use Confidence to Attract What You Want in Life January 22 2015

by Kelly Johnson

Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities you can possess. It is the glorious feeling of self-assurance that stems from believing in one’s own capabilities. Possessing this quality will help you attract what you want in life. Confidence is key when it comes to your career, your social network, your dating life, your entrepreneurship and your relationships. Here are the 5 sectors of your life where confidence comes into play:

1. Confidence in the Workplace

The term “fake it until you make it” derives from the popular belief that if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you, too. Being confident in the workplace therefore translates into your superiors feeling confident in your abilities. If, however, it comes across that you are second-guessing yourself, it may be unlikely that your boss will feel confident that he or she should give you that promotion.

Self-assurance is what will attract that promotion, so your best bet is to ensure that your vibe at work is a very confident one.

2. Confidence within your Network

Whether you are attending an event within your social network, or a conference and therefore a more professional network, it is important to showcase your self-confidence.

Within your social network, try talking to someone you haven’t met before and break the ice. This could lead to you having a valuable new connection or a new friend. Perhaps even a date.

At a conference or an event with a more professional network of guests, be a social butterfly. Make connections, exchange business cards, and follow up. Don’t be the shy one in the corner who isn’t networking with anyone.

3. Confidence when Dating

Men and women are both attracted to confidence. There is something about a confident person that puts me at ease on a date, and I know many people feel the same way. Someone who comes across as meek or shy on a first date is risking not getting a second date.

If you have a hard time being confident on a first date, start by paying attention to what she says and asking questions. Giving her your attention instead of being overly self-conscious or self-involved is showing confidence.

Confidence is shown through your style too, and it's the first thing a woman notices. If you are not style savvy, ask a stylish friend for guidance. Or, you can always ask us here at Knot Theory!

4. Confidence in Relationships

Confidence and follow-through are needed to maintain friendships, romantic relationships, and professional relationships. You must be the initiator and take the lead if you want to ensure a relationship will progress.

If you wish to maintain a good relationship with your boss or colleague, show some initiative and ask him or her out to lunch at least once per week. Romantic relationships also thrive when initiative is taken to progress the relationship, otherwise you risk dating stagnation.

5. Confidence in Entrepreneurship

Thinking of starting a new project or business? Being an entrepreneur requires confidence because
 the success or failure of your business is likely riding solely on you and your actions. You must believe in what you are doing in order for it to succeed. Holding back will get you nowhere, but being confident and pushing through your ideas and plans will help you succeed and attract potential advocates.

Believing in your gift and your talents will help you feel confident about your ventures. Remind yourself that you are more than capable of succeeding because you have drive, confidence and talent!

BONUS TIP: Appearance Counts

Sure, you are a good looking guy, but what speaks more about you is not your god-given good looks, but rather, the attention and care you put into your appearance. Dress for success, because how you dress reflects how you handle other areas in your life. So learn to suit up. Here's a suit guide to get you started.

At formal or semi-formal events, step it up a notch by and putting on a fitted suit and a sharp bow tie. Remember, the legendary experience is worth it. Bow ties are such a focal point when you interact with people, so a well-crafted bow tie (ps. You know you can get one here ;)) will not only make you memorable to the ladies, but to the guys too. They will be making mental notes to put on a good bow tie next time.