3 Bow Ties to Sweep Her off Her Feet: Valentine's Day Ideas January 31 2015

by Tanya Huang

Valentine's Day is in less than 2 weeks! What have you got planned?

Whether your V-Day date is with the love of your life, your second date, or a singles party, no lady has ever protested against a guy dressing up for the occasion! So put on a dashing bow tie and win some hearts over this February!

We have 3 Valentine's Day bow tie recommendations for you~
These self-tied reversible bow ties can be worn in 4 different ways. 

Style tip: Wear a pink, baby blue, or navy blue shirt. Light grey or dark grey blazer.
Batwing hearts bow tie

Surprise her with some pastel pink balloons! Everyone loves balloons.

The classic butterfly bow tie is another great option, and it looks good on any body type. She'll have a hard time containing the butterflies in her stomach!
These are self-tie bow ties! If you are not ready to learn to tie one, let us know and we'll tie one up before sending it to you! Of course, you should learn to tie it later on. It's fun, we promise! 

It's hard to not fall in love with our newly available knitted bow tie with tiny pink arrow hearts! It'll match well with any blazer jacket you own.

Style tip: Wear a pink or navy shirt with this bow tie. Black or grey blazers. 
Also, consider getting her matching pink roses!

3) Fiery Red Knit Bow Tie ($35)
Going for a classic romantic evening? This fiery red bow tie will set the mood.

Red is known to arouse - you simply can't go wrong with this bow tie. Style tip: wear a black shirt or a dark blue shirt to accent this bow tie. 
Pre-tied Fiery Red Knit Bow Tie

Don't forget the red roses!

I hope this got you excited for Valentine's Day! (Well, it got me excited at least!) Now go on and dress to impress on this romantic day!