3 Tips to Boost Your Charm Today: Inspired by Eddie Redmayne March 22 2015

by Tanya Huang

All eyes are on Eddie Redmayne these days, after his recent role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything (2014), winning a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his performance.

The charming actor is no new comer however! The cambridge grad started out in 1998, and has been an actor, singer, and model. In fact, the first time I came to know about him was in this 2012 Burberry ad with Cara Delevingne:

Redmayne in Burberry with Delevingne


My first thought of the ad was, "Cool, freckles are in!" I love it when mainstream fashion pushes the boundary on mainstream beauty, even just a little bit. When was the last time you see a freckled fashion icon, especially for a guy?


Here are the 3 tips to boost your personal charm today, inspired by Eddie Redmayne:

1) Humble Confidence
A man who is confident but is not over the top is the most attractive and charming. How does Redmayne convey it? One way is his confident posture combined with a half-shy smile - wins the ladies over every time.

2) Dedication and Excellence

Redmayne is dedicated to his craft. In preparing for the role, he spent four months studying Hawking’s life. He watched every documentary and video on the man, and contacted a physics teacher to "translate" Hawking's books. He also worked with choreographer Alexandra Reynolds for four hours a day, and filmed his movements on an iPad to study.

Every two weeks, Redmayne would visit a neurology clinic in London, where he’d interview patients. He met with more than 30, and even went to some of their homes. 

There's no excellence without dedication. There's something very attractive about a guy who is good at what he does, and has put in the effort to get to where he is.

3) Style

How you put yourself together is an integral part of your charm. I know many (most) women whose top criteria for their ideal guy includes "Well dressed." It sounds absolutely superficial, but I believe the real reason behind this criteria is that, dressing well implies a certain set of attractive characters, such as confidence, attentiveness, awareness.

So let's talk also about Redmayne's style, because the impeccably dressed man is going to lead the fashion scene for next few years to come. Why? 

In the September 2012 issue of Vanity Fair, was featured on its annual International Best Dressed List. In 2015, he was named #1 in GQ's 50 best dressed British men:

What makes Redmayne's style stand out?

Perfectly tailored suits
A sharp suit is the most universally attractive attire for men. It's true that every woman has different tastes in guys and fashion styles, but no women can resist a man in a tailored, quality suit. It's easy to see that Redmayne's suits are tailored to fit him perfectly. 

Not afraid to go bold
At any formal event, every male celeb is of course wearing a tailored suit. So what makes Redmayne stand out? He is willing to go a little bit further. Be bold. Wear that plaid suit, that turquoise suit, that blue satin dinner jacket. (The maroon suit is a bit harder to pull off...you can wear it at your discretion.) You don't have to go incredibly bold, but just bold enough to not blend in completely and disappear. 

Sharp neckwear
A good necktie or bow tie brings it all together and completes your look. You can tell by the perfect shape and stiffness of his bow ties show that Redmayne wears excellent bow ties. 

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