Check Out the Newest Bow Ties at Knot Theory! June 06 2015

by Tanya Huang

Knot Theory's newest bow tie collection is here! This collection features timeless bow ties in Italian denim, seersucker, and chambray cotton. Each bow tie can be worn in 6 ways, like all of our Infinity bow ties. They are designed to pair perfectly with one another to create even more looks.

Also, they can be in any wing tip you want. Choose from the classic butterfly, modern batwing, and the eye-catching diamond point.


Seersucker, one of the most loved and versatile fabric for bow ties. You'll love the crinkled texture of this light-hearted, timeless bow tie. Wear it your way - as an all red gingham bow tie, all blue gingham, or do the red and blue. 

This bow tie serves well as a festive bow tie (such as Canada Day or Independence Day!) while being ever so classy.


A Fine Day in Sicily

This light grey cotton chambray bow tie embodies a charm that looks good on every guy.

Wear your fine grey bow tie with white shirt and blue jeans, or a pale summer suit, and you'll get more compliments than any average guy can handle. Of course, you're not an average guy, so, you can handle them.



Italian Denim

This gorgeous indigo bow tie features denim which came from the birthplace of denim. Italian denim is known for its superior dye quality and hand.

If craft beer can be turned into bow ties, these would be it. You'll love the top craftsmanship and attention to details in these bow ties. 

As with all our bow ties, this one is available as butterfly, diamond point, and batwing


This new collection is currently on sale, so get them while the sale is on!