Lesson from Jimmy Fallon's Finger July 22 2015

by Tanya Huang

A couple weeks ago, Jimmy Fallon tripped on a braided rug and his wedding ring was caught on the kitchen counter as he fell, taking his finger along for the ride. Oouuch!!

Thankfully, Jimmy will recover fully after a 6-hour surgery. (Is it coincidence that the doctor who operated on him wore a bow tie? I think not!) It's not always the case with ring avulsion injuries though. Of the 150,000 ring avulsions per year in the USA, amputation of the finger is often the result.

A wedding ring is a beautiful symbol of love. Isn't it ironic when the ring puts you in danger! (And that braided rug!)

Love doesn't have to be dangerous.

Boys and girls, the lesson here is to get a ring that is safe on your finger! Such as this one. If your silicone wedding ring ever got caught on anything, it'll stretch and return to its original shape, or break off under tension without taking your finger with it. 

Your finger will thank you. Your husband will thank you. Your husband's mom will thank you too.

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