Arriving Tomorrow: Women's Silicone Wedding Rings! September 02 2015

by Tanya Huang

After months of perfecting this design, I'm so happy to say that Knot Theory women's silicone wedding rings are arriving tomorrow!

Technically, they are unisex, available in US ring sizes 5, 6, 7, and 8.

The ring features a knife edge design, which complements the beveled edge silicone wedding bands nicely. The colours in this collection are:

Robin Egg (aka teal or Tiffany's Blue),
Coral Candy,
Grape Jelly,
Cloud Nine, and

Each ring is engraved with the endless knot symbol, and the words, "Truly. Madly. Deeply." <3

If you go to the gym, do crossfit, or are active in life, this ring will be so comfortable you'll love wearing them. I am very sensitive to anything on my hand, whether is rings, creams, or nail polish. I usually can't wear rings for long periods of time. I wore these rings a lot during the design of this ring, and I love how they feel :)

For moms expecting a baby right now, these rings will expand with your fingers if they swell up, so they never cut off your circulation or cause pain.

If you have a baby, the silicone rings ensure that you don't scratch your baby's skin!

Here are some more sneak peek photos ;)