Silicone wedding ring: everything you need to know about it October 25 2015

by Tanya Huang

Knot Theory's silicone wedding rings have become one of the most popular items that couples gift to each other and buy for themselves.

It's symbol of commitment to your partner without risking your digit!

Knot Theory designer Tanya Huang explains the many benefits of wearing a silicone wedding band:

Knot Theory's wedding bands have unique, classic designs that set them apart from most brands. Our rings are more low-profiled too, so they are less likely to get caught on objects (such as Jimmy Fallon's kitchen counter) as you go about your daily activities.

Here are some of the many benefits of wearing a silicone wedding ring:

  • Super comfortable so you can wear it always
  • Won't dig into your finger at the gym when you lift weights or use a kettle bell.
  • Easy to clean so it doesn't harbour bacteria
  • A great travel ring that frees you from worrying about your expensive ring stolen or lost
  • Won't scratch surfaces - gentle on your car and/or your baby
  • Perfect for golf, watersports, crossfit, outdoors, and any hands-on activities

And of course, keeping your finger safe is worth it!!