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Knot Theory self-tie bow ties are handmade in Vancouver, Canada

Gold Bow Ties

Our black and gold bow ties are for men who stand out without shouting out. Depending on the occasion, you can wear the bow tie in all black with a hint of gold, all gold lined with black, or a mix of gold and black.

A gold bow tie can be worn with a tuxedo for formal events, or with a dark palette for a dressy night out. Black, deep purple, deep forrest green, dark red, dark blue, and dark brown are amazing colours to pair with this bow tie. Wether it's your shirt, blazer, or pants, keeping a dark palette will best bring out the gold.

As for our gold dust diamond point bow tie, it is made of denim, so it is versatile like denim! For a dark palette, wear the bow with more of the gold dust side shown. If you have lighter colours on, such as light blue, light pink, or ash grey, wear the dark blue denim side. 


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