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Knot Theory self-tie bow ties are handmade in Vancouver, Canada

All Self-tying Bow Ties

I love the look of a self-tied bow tie. A self-tie bow tie has characters. He smokes too many cigars and charms everyone he meets with his witty, quirky sense of humour.

When I see a guy in a self-tie bow tie, I can't resist walking over to tell him how awesome he looks.

If you don't know how to tie a bow tie yet, no sweat, it's really easy to learn! I remember getting it the first try. Then again I might be a savant in that regard. Here's Alex Krasny teaching you how to tie a bow tie with one of Knot Theory's bow ties. He did a great job making it straightforward to learn.

For all the ladies reading this, I want to tell you there's something insanely sexy about tying a bow tie on a guy. Even though I've done it a thousand times, I feel my body temp rising every time. Practice on your man and you'll see what I mean!

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