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Knot Theory self-tie bow ties are handmade in Vancouver, Canada

You Only Live Twice: James Bond Black & Purple Butterfly bow tie

$ 69.00

From our James Bond collection, this classic black & merlot purple bow tie is high quality handmade and is as durable as James Bond is timeless.

With black on one side and merlot purple on the other, the bow ties is also an infinity bow tie which allows you to create 6 different bow tie configurations: All purple, all black, or a combination of the two.  Show me how infinity bow ties work


Are you thinking this is a reversible bow tie? This is not just a regular reversible bow tie either! The bow tie enjoys the best of both worlds: the authenticity of a self-tied bow tie, and the ease of use of a pretied bow tie. How does it work? The bow tie is self-tying, however it has hooks closure at the back. Once you've tied the bow tie, you can take it off or put it back on without retying. Show me how this works


Getting more than one? Be sure to check out our prices for a set of two and a set of 4!

Quality handmade in Canada with Canadian sweat and tears. 

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