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Knot Theory self-tie bow ties are handmade in Vancouver, Canada

Duel Six: Harmony

$ 99.00


This tie is a refreshing take on the skinny tie classic - understated yet attention-grabbing.

If you look good in skinny ties, you'll be amazing in this one! Like the Duel V, this is not an ordinary skinny tie. First, the tie has sharp dagger tips to reflect your edginess. Second, notice that the loop of this tie is on the front, and both the front and tail of this tie are of the same width. This design gives a lot of flexibility when you wear the tie.

You can wear the tie with the front tip longer than the tail, or the other way around. As you adjust the length of this tie, the amount of white and black shown will also change. It's a dynamic tie you'll want to add to your tie collection.

Quality handmade in Canada with Canadian sweat and tears. 

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