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Knot Theory self-tie bow ties are handmade in Vancouver, Canada
  • Silicone Wedding Ring for men and women
  • Silicon Wedding Band for men and women
  • Our most popular: James Bond diamond tip bow tie
  • James Bond black and gold NYE bow tie
Our bow ties are seen on Fox News, GQ, Dragons' Den, Vancouver Magazine, and more.

Knot Theory's Most Popular Silicone Ring, Bow Tie, and Necktie Collections

Welcome to Knot Theory

Welcome to Knot Theory, home of the most original, well-made designs!

Our Silicone Wedding Rings

Knot Theory has designed the most sought-after silicone wedding rings. Our most popular beveled black silicone wedding bands are slim-profiled, safe, and stylish. Our silver and gold rings have the most metal-realistic finish. These rings are sophisticated in design and worn like real metal wedding bands. 

Our Bow Ties and Neckties

Each bow tie and necktie at Knot Theory is hand-made by expert tailors in Canada. We are very proud of the quality of our work and our innovations in these century-old fashion accessories. We are known for our James Bond bow ties, which are classics with a modern spin. We've also won over many Kickstarter backers with our innovative Infinity bow ties and re-engineered neckties.

Of course, we've created matching doggie bow ties too, perfect for the dapper ones with cute pups and the dapperer ones with cute owners ;)

Our Cashmere Scarves

Knot Theory's 100% cashmere scarves are incredibly soft and three times warmer than wool scarves. They are the most adored gift for both men and women. The scarves arrive in Knot Theory's signature 20" black box, making them the most wow-inspiring gifts.

We've earned praises and thumbs up from the highest fashion authorities such as AskMen.com and GQ UK magazine

What makes me super proud is that we have over 10,000 loyal, stylish fans from 28 countries around the world! Believe me, it wasn't easy starting a fashion brand in Vancouver, a city known for yoga pants; however, by setting high bars for ourselves on quality and design, we have fans from Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Dubai, and many many cities worldwide.

Take your time browsing our collections; make yourself at home. I hope you find something you love. If you want to get in touch with us, share your thoughts or your photos, we love hearing from you! 

~Live boldly
Tanya Huang
Knot Theory Fashion House

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